Coaching for High Performance combines the strength of group dynamics with individualized coaching on targeted performance issues based on 360 assessment, feedback, and development planning.

What Our Clients Say About the Program

Connect Corporate Strategy with Development

"My coaching has enabled me to exploit opportunities which improved our profitability. I have learned to influence and to think critically about business strategy. Because all my learning was in real time...it enabled me to connect corporate strategic challenges with my own development. As a result, I have directly contributed to the achievement of critical corporate objectives."

Learning Style

"Because the one-on-one coaching sessions are tailored to my particular learning style, I was able to learn in ways that are natural and comfortable to me."

Develop Tools & Techniques

"I have adopted a simple, practical system of identifying interraction styles that helps me to better understand co-workers and customers."

Focus on a Few Critical Areas

"Rather than a smorgasbord of learning, one-on-one coaching focused on a few critical areas and invested heavily in those areas."