Beginning in 1978, Innovative Information Techniques, Inc. has specialized in providing productivity-enhancing training interventions to leading companies and financial institutions. IIT is renowned for its custom design work and interactive programs in such areas as: The Power of Creativity, Exploiting Innovation: The Competitive Imperative, Selling Solutions: The Art of Persuasion, Working Smarter: Enhancing Team Productivity, New Strategies for Effective Presentation Skills, Leadership Principles for the 90s and Beyond, and Stress Management Methods That Work.

The IIT team of experienced professionals has expertise in training design, executive coaching, organizational development, needs analysis, attitude surveys, stand-up training, business writing, desktop publishing, and video production.

Our professionals have strong credentials and long-term credibility. The IIT team includes Phds and MBAs from nationally renowned programs. They have extensive experience in training, consulting and management.

Clients come to IIT for solutions that produce measurable productivity increases. Our programs lead to lower costs and higher profits. We help companies plan, initiate, and sustain long-term change.

Our training programs are specifically designed to achieve workplace objectives. Working closely with our clients, we develop participant-focused content and instructional strategies. We train trainers and teach participants to meet the needs of the organization.

We take a partnership approach to every client and every project. Working together, we sharpen the skills of employees, enabling them to improve the quality of the products they make and the services they provide.

We have been rewarded with long-term client allegiance.