One-to-one executive coaching can make a real difference to your capital raising. Because every person and company we work with is unique, we use the following development process:

1. Benchmark Presentation Skills

We videotape your presentation to establish a baseline of your present skill level.

2. Analysis and Feedback

We analyze your performance, and provide feedback on how audiences perceive your style, strengths, and limitations. We also review the presentation content and slides, and discuss areas for improved clarity, sequence, and visuals. Based on this review, we develop a plan addressing targeted areas of improvement, including both delivery and content of your presentation. This training strategy is designed to meet your specific needs and enrich the talents you are already using effectively.

3. Coaching and Rehearsal Sessions

You receive custom-tailored, personalized mentoring that addresses individual needs in such areas as:
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Maximizing poise and credibility
  • Building confidence
  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Breaking ineffective habits

    These coaching sessions are videotaped to provide immediate feedback, guidance and reinforcement. You'll become more effective at:
  • Getting and maintaining your audience's attention
  • Organizing and focusing ideas for clarity and purpose
  • Presenting strategic goals and plans
  • "Selling" yourself, the company, your strategy, and the deal
  • Fielding tough questions persuasively
  • Developing and using visual support materials
  • Adapting your presentation to a specific audience

    Many of our clients choose to supplement investor presentation coaching with our individualized Executive Coaching program to address wider-ranging issues of leadership, influence, and personal development.