IIT’s one-on-one Effective Presentation Skills Coaching is designed to coach senior executives through preparing and rehearsing effective presentations. It covers the general skills required to perform effectively, problems and techniques in making presentations, and special requirements for communicating with certain types of audiences. Videotaping provides ample opportunity to practice the skills and receive individualized feedback.

  • Sharpen presentation skills, break ineffective habits, and build confidence
  • Practice making persuasive, motivating presentations
  • Learn to “sell” yourself, your ideas, and your company
  • Be able to adapt the presentation to specific audiences


    Physical Presentation Skills
  • Mind/Body Control
  • Maximizing poise and credibility
  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Breaking ineffective habits

    Writing and Tailoring the Presentation
  • Audience and purpose
  • Allotted time
  • Specific situations

    Using Visual Support Materials
  • Overheads, slides, and flip charts
  • Presentation books
  • Proposals
  • Using laptop computers

    Handling Questions and Objections
  • Anticipating “bombs”
  • Preparing responses